SCE Bins

GAME Engineering are official distributors for the specialist bin supplier SCE, Silo Construction Engineering Limited of Belgium, bringing SCE’s range of single and twin skin bins to the market in the United Kingdom and throughout Ireland.

Working closely with SCE and sub contractors, GAME Engineering offer a design and build service for twin and single skin bins including erection, installation of conveyors, feeders and other process machinery.

Civil engineering, electrical engineering and control can be provided within our turnkey packages.

SCE bin blocks offer:

  •  maximum use of available surface
  • durable investment
  • integrated in the production process
  • flexible system allows expansion
  • low transport costs
  • qualified assembly staff
  • experienced team of engineers

SCE silos are used in the storage of  flour, grain, animal feed, petfood, coffee, cocoa, peanuts, granulates, pellets, malt and seeds


Innovation with best-in-class storage

SCE rectangular steel storage bins increase operational efficiency by saving you time and energy. Tightly integrated within any process, more and more companies choose to expand their storage capacity with SCE bins which meet tomorrow’s standards.


Optimal part of your process

Reliable and economical storage of your dry raw materials or (semi-)finished products contributes to the performance of your process line.

As the silos are integrated into the production process the conveying route is shorter and can limit the use of transport systems.  The plain ‘bin top’ seals neatly to the silos which enables easy passage.

The silos are designed to maximize product flow.


Compact, flexible and modular storage

Compact because square SCE silos are of rectangular cross section and consequently far less wasteful of space.  On the same surface you can store an additional 27% in a rectangular silo than in a cylindrical one.

These silos allow flexibility; the existing storage capacity can be extended cost-effectively at a later date, if necessary.

Modular because its structures are self-supporting it is possible to incorporate machine floor, control room, warehousing, elevator shafts, etc within the overall framework.

After installation, the self-supporting SCE bin block is protected by wall cladding and a roof above the silos, thus providing enhanced weather protection as well as providing safer and more comfortable working conditions for your staff.

From a hygienic and food safety point of view, our smooth sandwich bin panels offer a far better protection of your precious commodities as compared with a single skin round silo.  Because of the 2 layers of air (between cladding and panel and inside the bin panel) there is no condensation which can perish your products.  Moreover, the bin top prevents contamination.


Quick and easy installation

Our short lead time is the result of our experience in project management: in-house engineering, a well-keened production process and motivated assembly crew.

All of the steel structure, hoppers, bin panels, bin top cover, etc fit into normal trucks and sea containers, ready to be shipped to all parts of the world! As the materials arrive on the erection site in a logic order, the erection can start from day 1.  For quality and safety reasons we restrict welding on the building site to the minimum.

With the well-designed and quality-monitored panels it is really easy to build up the bin tower in no time.


In-house engineering

GAME offers you a total engineering service: from a feasibility study, via a structural survey and detailed plans.

Our team of designers draw the plans in a state-of-the-art 3D CAD-system enabling the customer to visualize their project.

All calculations and welding procedures meet the most stringent European Standards.


Competitive pricing

SCE bins have some advantages which benefits the pricing:  well-considered engineering, accurate purchasing, lean manufacturing process, easy handling during transport and quick installation.

Discuss your project with us and we will be pleased to quote you our best price.